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Being undermined by employee for your contract

During the interview process, one question we never ask is are you going to undermine me for my contract? In this scenario an employee who was a very good cleaner, bad mouthed her manager who was unaware she had divulged all her personal information, like pay, hours, manager strengths and weaknesses and so on. It was to the point where the line of communication between the owner and the client disappeared. Based on the contract the client could not hire her for three years. The situation came down to this, the manager had a choice, turn in the account or continue to hold it, but after a year the client has a choice to make, they could cancel and keep her on as an employee, but would have to go to court for her braking the non compete clause of the contract. If the manager keeps the business it will be awkward everyday, but if he gave it up the franchise would have to replace it. What do you do in this case? Keep the contract or turn it in and allow the franchise deal with it. Keep in mind $5000 was paid up front for the contracts, so the employee would slide in for $0 by giving it up. Some of you have encounter this so share your thoughts on how to proceed.

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