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Janitorial services is my Superpower

What is your superpower? for years I have been chasing money, looking for the big payday. Once I figured out chasing those dreams after my retirement from the U.S. Army were futile, I settled in and found what I like to do. I have done corporate America and I have heard comments about this is what we will be doing in our 50’s behind by back, but allow me to tell you about the freedom my superpower gives me. I have a masters degree, Bronzed star medal for combat operations in Iraq, very successful sales career, the freedom i get from working the hours I want is not replaceable and for those who may mock the Janitor, be careful, he or she may have more credentials than you! I am happy with what I do, no matter what the nay Sayers think about the so called demeaning work i perform. Its a great business and everyone needs a Janitor. My SUPERPOWER is a Janitor.

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